Harmless Hugs is changing the perception towards gender equality and there work in past years has been iconic.

About HH

Harmless Hugs is a dynamic platform bringing together liberal souls all around the world.

Founded on 10-September-2012,it is an expansive space driven by core values of unity in diversity and coexistence.Raising over tags, our vision is to create a collaborative culture that focuses on free and fair human expression.

Harmless Hugs is driven by both on line as well as ground based initiatives that empowers feminist groups and members of the LGBT community.Follow us if you believe in Humanity above all.




Presenting #ನಮ್ಮPride2016 (#NammaPride2016) — an inclusive, united and local endeavour that brings together Bangalore’s LGBTQIA community and its allies. This video is a tribute to the city, its quirky wall art and its diverse and vibrant community; and it is an invite to all — welcome to #ನಮ್ಮPride.


Love cannot be defined ,it could not  be relate or correlate to any form, it is itself compete word & whole universe lies here. Lets fall in LOVE!!!

Music by Andre Abujamra, Starring Rafael Cardos & João Gabriel Vasconcellos,  & what catches my eyes is  Júlia Lemmertz who has nailed by her acting, and making her role a mother who better knows their children. What a timeless story crafted by Aluizio Abranches.

Eddie! what a performance, what an act by you, whenever I watch i feel jealous that how you could act so beautiful……….